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Catia P3 V5-6r 2014 Crackl (April-2022)




The main difference between the two versions is the use of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) 3D model format instead of the CATIA standard. It also includes: support for the STEP, IGES, STL, G-code and NURBS file formats availability for all Windows operating systems ability to import 3D models from other formats (CATIA, V5Rxx, ODA, other) increased CPU usage new interactive features: “Workspace” with the ability to select, move and rotate 3D objects Ability to create and modify complex meshes with linked subparts “Creation Tools” with the ability to: Cut surfaces Edge compression Creation of spline curves “Map” with the ability to generate displacement fields General improvements Version 6.2 Version 6.2 was released on 30 January 2011 and includes: CATIA V6R1; CATIA V6R2; CATIA V6R3; CATIA V6R4; CATIA V6R5; CATIA V6R6; CATIA V6R7; CATIA V6R8; CATIA V6R9; CATIA V6R10; CATIA V6R11; CATIA V6R12; CATIA V6R13; CATIA V6R14; CATIA V6R15; CATIA V6R16; CATIA V6R17; CATIA V6R18; CATIA V6R19; CATIA V6R20; CATIA V6R21; CATIA V6R22; CATIA V6R23; CATIA V6R24; CATIA V6R25; CATIA V6R26; CATIA V6R27; CATIA V6R28; CATIA V6R29; CATIA V6R30; CATIA V6R31; CATIA V6R32; CATIA V6R33; CATIA V6R34; CATIA V6R35; CATIA V6R36; CATIA V6R37; CATIA V6R38; CATIA V6R39; CATIA V6R40; CATIA V6R41; CATIA V6R42; CATIA V6R43; CATIA V6R44; CATIA V6R45; CATIA



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Catia P3 V5-6r 2014 Crackl (April-2022)
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